Friday, 26 April 2013

What is it about vintage denim that we love so much? 

So winter is officially over and it's not too early to start scanning summer look-books. With the 90's grunge vibe making a strong comeback this year, it is inevitable that denim is going to be huge!

I would be lying if I said I hadn't developed a slight (definite) vintage-denim-fetish over the last few weeks; the more rugged-looking the better! I have been stocking up on my vintage denims in time for summer and will be using my nimble fingers to customise them and hopefully get them up on the site!

So what I'm focusing on for the time being is jackets, shirts and shorts (or cut-offs). When customising, I keep it simple, sticking with studs, pastel dyes, back patches and fabric attachments.

On my trip to Amsterdam this year, I was lucky to stumble upon a shop called 'Episode'...a cheeky little vintage goldmine! Episode also has stores in Paris and London, and stocks only the best in vintage and alternative fashion. From converse to cowboy boots and suedes to leathers, I couldn't help but spend a huge chunk of my time (and money!) in here. I left with this lot (^) and couldn't have been happier. Service was friendly and the vibe was very chilled out and positive. I would recommend this to anyone looking for some unique and quirky vintage finds to add to their wardrobe! 

Well I'm off to start creating my mini denim workshop now...but before I go...I'll just let you know that we now have instagram! Just follow us on 'damnedvintageuk' and keep track of what we get up to through the coming weeks! 

Bye for now! 


Friday, 29 March 2013

Marbles Vintage - Amsterdam

Finding a small hidden gem in a bustling foreign city ranks highly on the feel-good chart. I was lucky to have this happen to me on a recent trip to Amsterdam. During a fairly aimless wander around the labyrinth that is the city centre, I stumbled upon a small vintage fashion shop called Marbles; so naturally I checked it out!

I didn't have to spend a lot of time looking around before finding this little beauty:

I hadn't gone looking for a satchel (nor did I need one), but it was inevitable I would be buying it. The price was £35 but the lovely girl looking after the shop said I could have it for £30 which was a cheeky bonus! I was drawn to this bag because it has a genuine authentic look to it. The leather is worn and the clip at the front is nice and grungy. Unfortunately the bag came without the strap but hopefully it won't take long to find a new one! 

Marbles is warm and welcoming; the juxtaposition of a modern unit in a city centre against the feeling you have just discovered a secret vintage paradise makes it very hard to leave. Despite the small floorspace, I could have spent the best part of my afternoon rummaging through rails of clothes. My partner was one step away from buying a leather jacket but managed to restrain himself (something I am not so skilled at when shopping!)

On leaving Marbles I can say I'm confident that I'll be visiting again; and would recommend it to vintage lovers all over the UK.  

Bye for now!